Student Handbook

Housing and Dining Quick Links

Housing Services: Streit-Perham Administrative Suite, (509) 335-4577; providing living options including residence halls and apartments for all students (single, married, families, undergraduate, and graduate spaces available).

Dining Services: (509) 335-5498; provides a variety of food and drink options on campus.

Residence Life: Streit-Perham Administrative Suite, (509) 335-1227; helps manage residence halls and provides 24hr assistance and support to students within the residence hall systems.

For more information, please watch these brief videos on some of the different resources available or continue reading below.


Housing and Dining Resource Guide


335-3561; Rogers Hall Admin. Ste.; 8am-5pm, M-F;

Dining Centers

The Northside, Hillside and Southside Cafés are conveniently located throughout campus.  Each Café offers a retail a la carte dining program for students, faculty and staff. All dining centers accept Residence Dining Account (RDA) and CougarCASH, and the Hillside Café also accepts cash.


Markets offer a wide variety of snack and beverage items, school supplies, and toiletries. Locations include:    

  • Towers Market (Stephenson Center)
  • Flix Café and Market (Rotunda Hall)
  • Northside Market
  • Hillside Market

Espresso Bars

Espresso Bars offer Fair Trade Coffee and Espresso, made-to-order salads and sandwiches, and pastries baked with local ingredients from the WSU Crimson Bakeshop. Locations include:

  • Lighty Student Services Building
  • Carpenter Hall
  • Cleveland Hall
  • Bustad Hall
  • Cyber Café (in Smith CUE)
  • Northside Espresso Bar and Market
  • Flix Café and Market
  • Hillside Magic Beans Espresso

Campus Vending

Vending machines are located across campus and feature Healthy Options.

Compton Union Building

Carlita’s Mexican Grill and Espresso is located on the first floor of the CUB and is open 7:30am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday.  Carlita’s offers authentic cuisine made with local ingredients and Seattle's Best Fair Trade Certified Coffee and Espresso.


335-4577; A.E. McCartan Office Suite, Streit-Perham; 8am-5pm, M-F;

  • Assists students in finding housing in the residence halls or in university-owned apartments
  • Cleans and maintains residence halls and apartment housing
  • Assists campus departments with conference housing


335-1227; A.E. McCartan Office Suite, Streit-Perham Building; 8am-5pm, M-F;

Offers a variety of living options including coed, single gendered, age restricted, single/double/triple occupancy, and suite style rooms. Single Student, Graduate and Family apartment housing is also available.

  • Provides the opportunity in the fall for first year students to co-enroll in classes with other students in their hall through the Freshman Focus program.
  • Organizes special interest communities for students interested in international contacts, global learning, academic scholarship, or math, science, and engineering.
  • Promotes opportunities for student involvement through the hall government.
  • Helps students make connections with others within a safe and supportive environment.
  • Teaches interpersonal communication, life skills, intercultural awareness and personal growth within our communities.
  • Responsible for the educational environment, university resources outreach, facility management, and student and community development within the hall.
  • Available for emergencies 24 hours a day via the front desk or a staff member on call.