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Washington State University Conduct Officers

Conduct Officers

After an incident is reported, you will be assigned a Conduct Officer. You should consider your Conduct Officer as a resource and someone who can assist you in understanding the community standards process. Conduct Officers have to assign sanctions if you are found to be responsible for the reported incident that violates our community standards (unless your incident is referred to the Conduct Board). Your Conduct Officer wants to provide you with personal and educational opportunities to guide you in future behaviors and challenge you to make better choices. Conduct Officers are employees of WSU and the Center for Community Standards.

Conduct Officers are trained to provide alternative dispute resolutions, which means working with you to find a solution and suitable outcomes. They may also work from a restorative justice point of view, focusing on reducing harm to everyone involved and working collaboratively throughout the process. All Conduct Officers receive annual training in areas including, but not limited to: cultural competency, student development, identifying bias, and due process.

Current Conduct Officers