Your Conduct Board will consist of a group of students, staff, and faculty. Board members are selected and trained on a variety of topics to be impartial in understanding the perspective of all students, no matter the circumstances. If your reported incident is referred to the Conduct Board, you should know: 

  • Prior to your hearing, you will be provided with the names of your board members. You may request to have a board member removed from your hearing. 
  • Your Conduct Board will consist of a minimum of three members, who will make decisions regarding the reported incident. WAC 504-26-110
  • A Presiding Officer is a licensed attorney with judicial training who ensures you receive a fair and impartial process and that the board is following all legal requirements. The presiding officer is not a member of your Conduct Board and does participate in discussions or deciding the outcome of your incident.
  • Conduct Board hearings occur when the potential outcomes (sanctions) could involve suspension of greater than 10 instructional days, expulsion or revocation of degree, matters in which a registered student organization faces possible loss of recognition, allegations of sexual misconduct, or by choice of your Conduct Officer. WAC 504-26-403
  • A majority (more than half) of board members must agree on your responsibility and any sanctions that are assigned to you. You will be notified of the decision by email within 10 calendar days of your Conduct Board Hearing.