The WSU community has a responsibility to read and be familiar with all community standards. The list below includes additional policies outlined in the Washington Administrative Code for prohibited student behaviors.

Computer Abuse or Theft 

Theft or other abuse of computer facilities and resources, including unauthorized file transfers, unauthorized use of computer hardware, using another individual's identification and/or password, or using computing facilities and resources that interfere with the work of the university community. 

Disorderly Conduct 

Disorderly conduct includes behavior that is lewd or indecent, disturbing the peace, or assisting or encouraging another person to disturb the peace.

Disruptive Protests or Demonstrations 

Participating in an on-campus or off-campus riot or demonstration that disrupts the normal operations of the university and/or infringes on the rights of other members of the university community. 

Providing a Fake ID or False Information 

Providing a fake ID or false information is considered an act of dishonesty. Acts of dishonesty include fabricating or counterfeiting information, knowingly providing false information to any person, and forgery, alteration or misuse of any university document, record or identification.

Failure to Complete Sanctions 

Failure to complete or comply with assigned sanctions is considered abuse of the community standards system. 

Failure to Comply 

Failure to comply with lawful directions of university officials and/or law enforcement officers (acting within their duties) and/or failure to identify oneself when requested to do so.

Firearms & Dangerous Weapons 

No student may carry, possess, or use any firearm, explosive (including fireworks), dangerous chemical, or any dangerous weapon on university property or in university-approved housing. Airsoft guns and other items that shoot projectiles are not permitted in university-approved housing. Students wishing to maintain a firearm on campus for hunting or sporting activities must store the firearm with the WSU Department of Public Safety.


Obstruction of people or vehicles on university property or at university-sponsored or supervised events.

Theft or Damage to Property 

Theft of and/or the intentional or reckless damage to the property of another. 


Knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully in/on university premises. 

Unauthorized Keys or Entry 

Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys, cards or passcodes to any university premises. Unauthorized entry to or use of university premises.

Unauthorized Recording of Audio, Video or Images 

Recording audio or video or taking pictures of any person while on university premises without their prior knowledge or consent in locations where they would expect privacy such as in a gym, locker room, or restroom. This does not include taking pictures of persons in areas which are considered to be open to public view, such as Martin Stadium or the Glenn Terrell Mall.

Violation of a disciplinary sanction 

Violation of any term or condition of any disciplinary sanction constitutes a new violation and may subject the student to additional sanctions.

Violation of University Policy, Rule, Regulation or Law

Violation of any university policy, rule, or regulation published electronically on the university website or in hard copy.

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