The WSU Good Samaritan Guideline ensures that students receive prompt and appropriate attention in the event of alcohol and/or drug intoxication. This guideline is similar to Washington State laws followed by law enforcement. 

Our Guideline Explained

If you see a friend or stranger experiencing symptoms of alcohol or drug intoxication and needing medical help, you can contact local police, WSU police, medical professionals, university staff members, and/or resident advisors for assistance. You will not receive any formal discipline for alcohol or drug use and possession under our community standards and neither will the intoxicated individual. WAC 504-26-510

What Does Not Apply

This guideline does not apply to any disciplinary action for incidents beyond drug and alcohol use. For example, incidents that include hazing, sexual assault, physical abuse, malicious mischief, disorderly conduct, acts of hate or bias, may initiate the community standards process. 

WSU reserves the right to sanction repeat alcohol and drug offenders, including organizations, and to pursue disciplinary action for any violation which the University considers serious enough to require such action.