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Washington State University Sanction Descriptions

Sanction Descriptions

Academic Integrity Online Tutorial - The Academic Integrity Online Tutorial is a free online tutorial that discusses proper citation techniques in academic writing.

Academic Integrity Seminar (Course fee of $100) - The Academic Integrity Seminar is an online educational program. 

Alcohol and Drug Information School (Course fee of $100) - Alcohol and Drug Information School is a state-approved program for drug and alcohol education. Online programs are not accepted.

Apology Letter - A written letter of apology to an individual, business, or group. The apology letter is turned in to our office for review, and can then be provided to the recipient.

Assessment - Alcohol and/or drug assessments are facilitated by state licensed community health professionals. Following the assessments, you must complete all the specialist’s recommendations according to the timeline assigned in order to mark the sanction as complete.

Community Engagement Project - Community Engagement Projects are service projects that are facilitated by the WSU Center for Civic Engagement (CCE). The CCE works with a number of community partners to organize and facilitate a variety of projects to suit individual needs and interests. This sanction is only for Pullman-based students.

Educational Project/Paper - There are a number of educational topics that could be assigned. Common topics include:

  • Mindful Decision Making
  • Resources on Campus or in the Community (Academic, Involvement, etc)
  • Sale of Fake IDs online
  • Integrity in Student’s Intended Career Path
  • Identify Theft
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Financial Resources

Educational Workshop/Class - Several WSU Departments offer educational workshops that can provide you with tools and skills to navigate your Coug experience. These workshops include topics such as Time Management, Self-Care, Stress Management, Mindfulness, and Finances. Workshops include in-person and online options, and class duration ranges from one hour to several sessions.

Enrollment Hold - An enrollment hold will prevent you from adding or dropping classes and may impact whether you can receive your transcript or degrees, etc. Often, enrollment holds are utilized when you have not completed any previously assigned sanctions.

Expulsion - If you are expelled from WSU, you are not able to enroll at any WSU campus or receive a degree from WSU.

IMPACT Courses (Course fee of $100) - IMPACT courses are a combination of online, group, and individual meetings assigned for alcohol and drug violations. IMPACT is facilitated through Cougar Health Services. This sanction is only for Pullman-based students.

Loss of Privileges - The loss of certain services on campus, including access to University Recreation, housing privileges, and other resources. Loss of privileges can be temporary or permanent depending on the situation.

Loss of State Funded Financial Aid - If you are found responsible for hazing, you will forfeit any state-funded grants, scholarships, or awards you have been rewarded for a designated time period.  

Mentor Meetings - You may be assigned to complete a series of meetings with a mentor.  At the completion of the assigned mentor meetings, you may be asked to write a short reflection paper on your mentoring experience.

No Contact  - You can be prohibited from contacting certain individuals.  

Probation - If you are on probation, you are warned that you could be suspended or expelled if you violate the community standards again.  While on probation, you are ineligible to run for or hold an office in any student group or organization, and cannot serve as an Resident Advisor (RA), Alive Orientation Counselor (OC), or as a member of a Conduct Board. Probation is for a set time period, and there may be check-in meetings with our office while you are on probation.   

Probation Statement - A probation statement is a written statement where you explain what being placed on probation means to you as a member of the Coug community, and how you might avoid future violations of our community standards.

Restitution  - You may be required to pay restitution for damage to property.

Suspension - Suspension is a temporary dismissal from the university.  You are eligible to request to return from suspension after your suspension period has ended. There may be conditions for re-enrollment. 

Warning - A warning serves as official notice that you violated University policy. After being assigned a warning, if you are found responsible for violating our community standards again, there may be additional sanctions.